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Bernhard Warner sez in The Times Online he was recently persuaded to favor Facebook as his main biz-networking site. The process began when a colleague shot him this clue: that “LinkedIn is over!”

Warner makes some good points in Facebook’s favor, including its more personal focus:

Facebook tells me things about my contacts I never knew before – engagements, new babies, a jubilant note that my friend’s wife’s cancer has gone into remission. I can also see holiday snaps, the books people are reading, music they’ve just listened to, the places they’ve traveled, the social causes they are dedicated to. Even the simple stream of consciousness updates – “I’m stressed,” “Hooray! I’m on holiday!”, “Where the hell is the sun?! It’s summer!” – speak volumes about these people, revealing far more than a business lunch.

I agree. One of the downsides of today’s office situation – where more of us are working in home offices or variations of Starbucks cubes, and there’s little slack time – is the lack of personal interaction with our colleagues. LinkedIn really isn’t the place for such kibitzing, and things like Twitter (which BusinessWeek calls “All Trivia, All the Time”,) may be too ephemeral to be taken seriously.

Then there’s the popularity factor – Facebook is growing quickly. In May, FB had 89% more visitors than in May 2006.

Guess I’ll have to get clued in, myself (in my copious free time, of course), and work on my own Facebook identity.

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Posted on Jul 5, 2007

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